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From Desolation to Prosperity; success story of Naghma Bazar village

Wakil Palawan Drainage

From Desolation to Prosperity; success story of Naghma Bazar village

Seyed Asadullah, resident of Naghma Bazar, a remote village located in Imam Sahib district of kundz province, witnessed a remarkable transformation in his community. With the support of ActionAid, Afghanistan, they revived their lands and brought prosperity to their lives.

The Kol e Wakil Pahlavan drainage, an essential waterway for approximately 10,000 to 12,000 Jeribs of agricultural land, had fallen into disrepair due to the ravages of the long-term war and the community's inability to address the issue.

The drainage had become filled with mud, wood, and other obstacles. This caused flooding and damaged the agricultural lands, leaving the community in distress.

However, a glimmer of hope appeared when the dedicated staff of ActionAid arrived, aiming to bring positive change to the community's plight. Seyed Asadullah, alongside his fellow community members, actively participated in the mobilization efforts led by ActionAid.

ActionAid planned to implement cash for work project with financial support of FAO (food agriculture organization) in the mentioned village.

As the project started. Seyed Asadullah and his fellow workers labored for 20 days under the supervision of ActionAid's teams. They received fair compensation for their hard work, which boosted the community's economy.

The impact was significant. the Kol e Wakil Pahlavan drainage and other drainages were cleaned. allowing the agricultural lands to become usable again. This prevented future flooding and protected the community's livelihoods. 

In addition to the tangible improvements, the project brought about social empowerment and upliftment. 1410 daily wage workers, including many women, were provided temporary employment opportunities. Each worker received the equivalent of $100. 

ActionAid's commitment to gender equality and empowerment was evident in their decision to hire women for gabion weaving, a task they excelled in. Through this experience, the women gained valuable skills and expertise, empowering them economically and socially.

Seyed Asadullah and his community members are immensely grateful to ActionAid for the unwavering support. Their lives have been transformed, and now they cultivate their lands with renewed hope and confidence.

In Seyed Asdullah's own words: "Thank you, ActionAid, for your tremendous support. We are extremely grateful, and we suggest you for the implementation of more projects in our province."

Seyed Asadullah and the people of Naghma Bazar village have shown that unity and determination can overcome challenges. Their inspiring journey serves as a reminder that communities can transform their lives and create a prosperous future when they work together.