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: A Beacon of Hope: How Zakim Khan's life Reclaimed After the Earthquake

Zakhim khan receiving cash for winterization.

Zakhim Khan , a diligent farmer, had always been responsible for meeting his family's needs and earning a modest income from agriculture. He had once enjoyed a comfortable life, but tragedy struck when a powerful earthquake devastated the South-Eastern Region of Afghanistan, particularly Paktika and Khost provinces. The disaster robbed Zakim of his beloved home, most of his livestock, and his irrigated land, leaving him in despair.


As the harsh winter approached, Zakim found himself consumed by worry, unsure of how his family would survive without necessities such as heating and shelter. Life became an arduous struggle, with each passing day bringing increased difficulty due to the lack of food, safe housing, clothing, and heating. Determined to persevere, Zakim made the difficult decision to sell his remaining livestock to sustain his family.


However, even with the sale of his animals, Zakim's situation remained dire. He lacked the skills necessary to secure regular employment, making it incredibly challenging for him to find work and earn a steady income. The future seemed bleak, and Zakim yearned for a glimmer of hope.


Fortunately, a beacon of light emerged amidst the darkness. ActionAid, Afghanistan, with support from AHF, implemented the Winterization Support project for Earthquake-Affected Vulnerable People in Paktika. This initiative aimed to provide essential assistance to 1360 households affected by the earthquake, including Zakim and other villagers in the Giyan, Barmal, and Ziruk districts of Paktika province.

Under this six-month project, Zakim Khan and other beneficiaries received AFG 39200 each in cash (equivalent to USD 439 ActionAid carefully selected the project participants, giving priority to vulnerable households, poor families, and those affected by the earthquake. Special consideration was given to households with pregnant or lactating women, elderly-headed households, child-headed households, and families with disabilities.

One day, representatives from ActionAid arrived in the Giyan district and assessed Zakim's household. Shortly thereafter, they distributed the Winterization Support package, which included cash for winter necessities like clothing and heating, as well as cash for rent. Action Aid also conducted specialized training sessions to educate the beneficiaries on how to utilize the funds effectively.

Zakim was overwhelmed with joy upon receiving this support. With the assistance provided, he decided to rent a house, purchase wood and a heater for warmth, and buy clothes for his family. Any remaining funds were allocated towards purchasing other essential winter needs. The direct impact of this intervention significantly relieved Zakim's daily struggles and allowed him to invest in his farming and livestock husbandry activities. The increased productivity of his animals enabled him to sell their products in the Giyan bazaar, ensuring a steady income for his family's sustenance.

Zakim's life underwent a remarkable transformation for the better. He was able to establish a solid foundation for his farming endeavours, ensuring a stable source of income. Moreover, the improved financial situation empowered him to provide for his family's needs, fostering a sense of security and well-being within their lives.


 [RR1]As was reported in beneficiary list , per beneficiary cost : US$ 439 Exchange rate : 89.31