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Urgent Rehabilitation Initiatives Bring Hope to Flood-Affected Farmers in Laghman and Nangarhar Provinces

 flood affected land rehabilitation

In a swift response to the devastating floods that struck Laghman and Nangarhar provinces, positive steps have been taken to support the affected farmers. Comprehensive assessments have been completed for all 1,047 households impacted by the floods, leading to the initiation of urgent rehabilitation measures in all 13 flood-affected districts.

Under theCommunity-Based Agriculture and Rural Development     project (CBARD-ALL) , a range of interventions has been set in motion to aid the struggling farmers. These initiatives include land rehabilitation and the supply of essential agricultural inputs. Notably, a cash-for-work program has been launched to restore damaged agricultural lands, benefiting farmers in targeted districts.

Among the affected households, 67 are led by resilient and determined female farmers, with 60 in Nangarhar and 7 in Laghman province. Their unique challenges will be specifically addressed during the recovery process, ensuring their inclusion and support.

One such farmer, Mr. Ashiqullah from Manjana village in Nangarhar's Dara-e-Noor district, urgently appealed for rehabilitation assistance after his agricultural land suffered severe damage. Recognizing the significance of his land for his family's income and food security, Mr. Ashiqullah's plea highlights the critical need for immediate support.

Through these urgent rehabilitation measures, hope is being restored for the farmers in Laghman and Nangarhar provinces. The collective determination to overcome the challenges posed by the floods is a testament to the resilience and unity of the affected communities.