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Beekeeping for Sustainable Livelihoods: ActionAid's 106-USA Initiative Benefits 200 Beneficiaries in Kahmard and Bamyan Center

beneficiaries receiving bee keeping training

ActionAid Afghanistan, as part of its project funded by @UNFAOAfg, has provided 200 community members in Kahmard and Bamyan Center with comprehensive beekeeping packages, aimed at supporting vulnerable households and promoting economic resilience and food security. These members were identified through a meticulous selection process. These individuals have been 

The beekeeping packages distributed to each beneficiary household include four improved beehives, specifically designed to optimize honey production and streamline beekeeping operations. Additionally, the packages contain two large-sized bee veils, a Hive brand smoker, beekeeper protective gear (including leather gloves, two hive tools with a flat end, and an uncapping fork for honeycomb extraction), a bee medication package containing Fluvalinate strips and Oxalic acid, as well as two kilograms of foundation wax sheets. And, they have been provided with some trainings for on beekeeping too.

The beneficiaries have expressed their heartfelt appreciation for the support received through this beekeeping intervention. They recognize the potential of beekeeping to improve their livelihoods and create sustainable income streams. Moreover, this initiative plays a vital role in preserving bee populations and maintaining ecological balance. 
 Zarifa a beneficiary from kahmard district says: "We are truly grateful for the beekeeping packages provided by ActionAid Afghanistan. This support has not only given us hope for a better future but has also empowered us to generate sustainable income for our families. Beekeeping is a wonderful opportunity for us to improve our livelihoods and contribute to the preservation of our environment. “

The collaboration between the initiative and local communities demonstrates a shared commitment to promoting self-reliance and resilience. By providing these beekeeping packages, the intervention lays the foundation for long-term economic growth and food security in Kahmard and Bamyan Center.